Welcome to Royal Luxemburg Soparfi!

Royal Luxembourg Soparfi SA is a financial holding company under Luxembourg law. The Company has been operating since 1997 and its to obtain holdings in other foreign and resident companies. As such, in accordance to Law of the 31st of July 1929, it is not allowed to practice commercial or industrial activities.

The Company is subject to the fiscal laws in Luxembourg, and under international tax law is not subject to double taxation, and other European directives, the Company also benefits from the absence of taxation on dividends and “capital gains”.

Royal Luxembourg Soparfi also benefits from its headquarters in Luxembourg in terms of stability and discretion.

The Company in the past years, has specialized in the sector of industrial restructuring, usually in companies with historical and economic value. Because of the recent recession, the industrial sector is in need of liquidity or guarantees. Royal Luxembourg Soparfi remedies such difficulty in participating commercial and industrial projects.

Primary examples of such operations conducted by Royal Luxembourg Soparfi are Carrozzeria Bertone, and French company Carrere Group)

Through a network of direct collaborators, connected by other structures of the group and situated in Europe, the USA, Canada, and North Africa, Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is able in a short time to evaluate and decide which type of operation to adopt .